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Boasting a sound that is both of the scene and innovative, Cuzimdope is here to remind you that Hip-Hop is still an evolving platform. Comprised of brothers SpennyAlmost and Stz, the duo bring a fresh mentality to Hip-Hop world.

The Caribbean kids from Inwood, New York have taken their talents to hotspots all around the world, from their beloved NYC to as far as Australia and China. With impressive performances under their belt -- from opening for Tracy Morgan at Caroline's on Broadway, to a sold-out show at the Apollo Music Cafe for CMJ Festival, to getting a placement in the movie "Flock of Dudes" starring Chris D'elia and Eric Andre, and more -- the brothers perform with integrity and work to inject dope lyricism and energy into every opportunity presented to them.

The goal for Cuzimdope is to experience success while remaining true to themselves. You won't see them making top 40 hits based on the other 39. This is Hip-Hop for the people who miss Hip-Hop.

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