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Join Liquid Rhythm on the Greenway for
Bachata | Salsa | Reggaetón | Merengue

We are taking to the Greenway with Liquid Rhythm, New Orleans' premier
Salsa dance company, to activate our bodies, have fun, and get fit at sunset with Bachata, Salsa, Reggaetón, and Merengue.
 All skill levels welcome!


From Liquid Rhythm

Our dance company has been around since 2001 teaching, performing, and helping build NOLA’S dance community. We have over a decade of dance experience in various styles such as Modern, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, and Salsa. Here at LR it’s all about being a versatile and adaptable dancer with a mastery and understanding of your movements!


Though this a free event, due to COVID restrictions we recommend you RSVP/register via email to secure your spot​!

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