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From culturally-rich New Orleans with a global (out)look, Sidney's experience in civic service and demanding offshore rig work is evident in the quiet confidence he brings to the set. His calm attention to detail, commitment to a team, and good humor make him an asset.

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Comp card; Voice-Over tape and Reel tape are available upon request


·    Weight Lifting/Body building

·    Stunt Prep/Stunt Performer

·    SOLIS/ Water survival certified

·    Stand-in

·    Runway/Catalog Model

·    Tactical/Stunt Driving

·    Weapons/Firearm Handling

·    Taskforce/SWAT training

·    Voice-over


·       Your Honor (Showtime) - Featured BG - Director's pick

·       Deep Water (Disney) - Director's pick - Featured couple

·       Claws - Director's pick - Featured BG

·       Leverage 2.0 - Director's pick - Featured BG

·       Jade Earrings - Director's pick

·       The Ravine

·       All My Life

·       The Purge

·       Filthy Rich (Fox)

·       Evil Eye (Amazon)

·       NCIS New Orleans

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